Couple's 'Dangerous' Chihuahua Costs Them Big Time

By Andrew Lu on October 19, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A Canadian couple will now have to list their dog on a dangerous pet list after the dog bit a mail carrier. The "dangerous" dog in question is a three-pound teacup Chihuahua.

Not surprisingly, the dog's owners called the designation of Molly the Chihuahua as a danger to the community a "joke," reports The Windsor Star.

Back in August, Molly reportedly escaped from an open gate and bit the ankle of a postal carrier in Ontario, Canada. At the time of the incident, the dog owners offered to bandage the mail carrier.

But when taking a look at the wound, the owners could not spot any blood nor identify where the carrier was bit. The mail carrier was able to continue on her rounds.

The mail carrier herself admits that she is surprised at Molly's designation as dangerous. But she insists that she was bitten and received antibiotics for the wound, reports the Star.

So what does it mean for the dog owners who now have to list their teacup dog as dangerous?

Along with the public designation as a threat, the dog owners are also required to carry million-dollar liability insurance policy for their dog. In addition, the couple cannot allow the dog out the house without a leash and muzzle and they must post signs on their property warning passers-by of the "dangerous dog on premises."

The dog owners quipped that they didn't even know that one could buy muzzles that fit a three-pound dog.

Given the seemingly harsh measures, the Canadian city of Windsor is taking on some criticism for not exercising more discretion in their dangerous dog laws. However, if Molly did bite the mail carrier, it would seem discriminatory to allow the dog to escape punishment simply because of her size. After all, if you do the crime, you should do the time.

As with all dog misconduct, the dog's owner usually bears the responsibility. Molly's owners could have ensured that the dog could not escape the yard. And despite her size, they could have trained her not to bite or even nip.

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