Couple Killed in Facebook Defriending Murders

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on February 13, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Facebook isn't real, people. Which is why the Facebook defriending murders out of Mountain City, Tenn. are so disturbing.

Police believe Marvin Potter and Jamie Curd are responsible for the shooting deaths of Billy Payne, Jr. and his girlfriend Billie Jean Hayworth. The couple was found dead in their home, having been killed in front of their infant daughter.

The killings are allegedly tied to the couple's decision to defriend Potter's 30-year-old daughter on Facebook.

Payne and Hayworth defriended Jenelle Potter at some point last year, according to the Associated Press. She responded with fury, harassing and threatening them on the site. It got so bad, the couple reported the harassent to police.

This was not the first time Jenelle Potter has been upset at a Facebook defriending, explains Sheriff Mike Reece. She apparently has a history of going "ballistic" when people remove her on the site.

It's alleged that this chain of events led Jenelle's father and her ex-boyfriend, Jamie Curd, to perpetrate the Facebook defriending murders. It's unclear how or why they became involved.

It's also unclear whether Jenelle Potter will also face charges.

Authorities have subpoenaed data from Facebook, and are interviewing witnesses. But charges will depend on whether she was involved in the murder. Did she encourage her father and ex-boyfriend to kill the couple? Did she provide advice or supplies? Did she help them hide the evidence?

Investigators will be looking very closely at these questions. If Jenelle Potter was even remotely involved with the Facebook defriending murders, she'll probably face charges.

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