Couple High on Bath Salts Break into Neighbor's House with Guns, Knives

By Deanne Katz, Esq. on August 02, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A North Carolina couple high on bath salts were arrested for breaking into their neighbor's home on Tuesday. They allegedly believed someone was after them and armed themselves with guns and knives.

Then they ran to Richard and Debra Robinson's home nearby and forced their way in.

It doesn't seem that they stopped to consider whether they were the people to avoid, not the ones being chased.

The arresting officer had them committed but they have since been released to jail.

The Walls were allegedly delusional from using bath salts when they decided to bust into the Robinson's. They were held overnight in a hospital under they came down from the high.

Bath salts can be smoked, injected, or snorted and started being used recreationally about two years ago according to Gaston Gazette. The effects are similar to cocaine.

The Walls called 911 just prior to the incident to tell police that someone was after them. They believed that gang members were hiding under their house, reports New York Daily News. Sometime before breaking into the Robinson's home Donna Walls reportedly fired a gun several times into the air.

Then the couple took their weapons to the neighbors. A pie would have been better received.

Both Phillip and Donna Walls were charged with breaking and entering as well as 'going armed to the terror of the people.'

The later charge is about the fear they caused by running around with guns. The former is about the break in.

In their attempt to get inside, the Walls allegedly broke down a glass door in the Robinson's home. That single act could encompass all the elements of breaking and entering.

Based on the report, the couple went through the boundary of the home, without permission, and using force. If proven, that is more than enough to establish breaking and entering.

The Walls have used bath salts for a while, according to police, but this is the first time their using has caused any kind of danger to others. If proven, the break in and the gun shots could be enough to keep them away from the neighbors for a long time.

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