Countdown to the February Bar Exam: 6 Posts to Read Now!

By Neetal Parekh on February 18, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

That's right guys and gals, its almost game-time for the February 2010 Bar exam. And if the Winter Olympics in Vancouver have taught us anything it is that preparation is king, queen, and the royal ready for the worst and hope for the best. 

While you find your center before taking this career-defining exam, here are a few related posts to inform, inspire, and, well, humor you in the final days before the Bar. Good luck...


1. Top 7 Law School Study Aids.  If there are slippery topics of law that seem to be sliding right through, try a new approach to understanding.  These study aids may provide just the traction you need to get a grip on a particular field of law.

2. 21 Serious, Creative, & Crazy Study Spots for Law Students. Because by now even your favorite study spots may be feeling a little stale, entice yourself to study further by relocating...think venue shopping, or bait-and-switch, or on second thought, don't confuse yourself.

3. Movie Review: "A Lawyer Walks Into a Bar..." Even if you haven't seen sunlight in days, are constantly-caffeinated, and feeling as isolated as characters on 'Lost', you are not alone. This documentary follows six California Bar hopefuls as they take the Bar exam.  For those who'd rather not pre-live or re-live a past may want to wait until after to watch.

4. Crossing the Bar: To Try, Fight...And Succeed.  There's nothing like a story of brute inspiration to get you focused and back-on-track with what's ahead.  Here's one to give you a reason or two to be a little better and give it a little more.

5. 3 Tips for the Seasoned 3L.  Every L has its day. And if you are taking the February Bar exam, you are likely a recent law school grad. Scan through these tips for 3L's to parse out what still applies.

6. Passing the Bar - the Board Game.  Feeling overwhelmed? Read this note from everyone who's not taking the exam to gain a little perspective, and reconnect with the lighter side of things.  Remember, always be ready to laugh at yourself first. Beat the crowds.

Dream of how you'll steer through tricky MBE's, deliver the winning essays you've been practicing, and make it a perfect Bar exam. Visualize gold...and keep a copy of the national anthem in your car for the ride home for a little added effect.

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