Could Long Island Serial Killer be a Cop?

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on April 12, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

More bodies potentially connected to the Long Island Serial Killer were found on a stretch of Jones Beach over the weekend, raising the killer's total body count to eight.

But that isn't the most interesting bit of information released by police.

It turns out that New York may have a real-life Dexter on its hands, with some close to the investigation believing that the suspect may be law enforcement.

The tale of the Long Island Serial Killer began in December, when police found remains of four bodies along Gilgo Beach. Last week, police found another four bodies, but ABC News reports that they believe there may be at least one more.

As it turns out, the Long Island Serial Killer has made seven calls from a victim's phone to a victim's family, telling them that the woman was a whore, reports CBS News.

All of the women were prostitutes and contacted via Craigslist.

Some believe that the Long Island Serial Killer may be a Dexter because the phone calls were made from crowded places and lasted less than three minutes, notes CBS News. There is also an indication that he is familiar with how investigations unfold.

Some are not so convinced.

Anyone who spends time watching crime dramas like CSI and Law & Order understands telephone tracking and what not to leave at a crime scene. Unless police are hiding some information, everything the killer has done can be learned from television.

While law enforcement tracks down the Long Island Serial Killer--Dexter or not--you should take a look at how you use Craigslist and other dating sites. You may not be a prostitute, but even real dates can be killers.

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