Corrections Officer Used Taco Bell Wrappers to Smuggle Drugs into Jail

By Guest Writer on June 11, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

By Maryam Ansari, Esq.

Here's a tale from the seedy underworld. It involves crime, drugs and... fast food.

Well, it's not quite from the underworld. But it is a tale from prison. Only this crime wasn't committed by a prison inmate. It was committed by a jailhouse employee.

A correctional officer has been arrested for trafficking drugs into the prison, reports NBC 13 Indiana. How did he get caught with the controlled substances?

Travis Wilbur, allegedly used Taco Bell wrappers to smuggle drugs into the Plainfield Correctional Facility while he was an employee there. Wilbur had been working at the prison facility for approximately one year.

The Indianapolis prison employee was arrested while trying to sneak in marijuana and the drug suboxone hidden in black electrical tape and a Taco Bell wrapper.

The items were found in his lunch box, of all places.

The prison facility had already been tipped off that Wilbur was supplying drugs to inmates. Wilbur was reportedly working in concert with an inmate.

He has being charged with possession of marijuana, which is a Class D felony in Indiana. He is also facing charges of trafficking with an inmate, and dealing in a controlled substance.

All the details of Wilbur's fast-food operation are not yet known. But you've gotta give the guy credit for creativity, even if his actions were slightly in the realm of the bizarre. Not to mention the irony of using munchies to traffic marijuana.

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