Corporate Compliance Week Is Coming. How to Prepare Your Company

By Gabriella Khorasanee, JD on April 28, 2014 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

As in-house counsel you probably hear so much about corporate compliance that it may blend in and sound more like white noise. Well, next week is Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week, so we've decided to make a rallying cry for corporate law departments to get in on the action.

You have one week to get ready -- here are some tips for participating in Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week.

What Is Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week

The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics has recognized Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week since 2005, making this the 10th annual week of recognition. It's a week-long event, "which highlights the importance of ethics and compliance in the workplace."

How to Get Your Law Department Involved

1. Raise Awareness

From May 4 through May 10, your company can raise awareness simply by bringing compliance issues to the forefront. It could be as simple as adding the Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week logo to your intranet or employee newsletter. Or, you can make it a central issue in weekly staff meetings, a department-wide email message, or hang posters in the law department to publicize the week.

2. Compliance Training

Compliance Week is a great time for annual compliance training. Whether you institute a new training program, or brush up on previous training, using Compliance Week as a springboard for training keeps up the momentum of the week, while also designating a time each year when compliance is paramount.

During training, it's important to focus on the basics such as relevant laws, rules and standards, as well as ethical obligations. Other areas to cover include who the company's compliance and ethics staff are, what potential violations are, and how to report them.

Corporate compliance not a trend -- it is here to stay. With the growing importance of corporate compliance, the problems that arise require constant attention and training. By recognizing Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week, it's one step for your law department to fostering a "culture of compliance for which the organization strives."

For more Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week tools click here.

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