Cops Arrest Michael Lohan, Charged with Criminal Contempt

By Kamika Dunlap on December 16, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

As previously discussed, Lindsay Lohan's father has been tied up in the TLC  lawsuit against Jon Gosselin, but he now faces legal troubles of his own.

Michael Lohan was arrested and charged with criminal contempt, for allegedly violating an order of protection, the Associated Press reports.

According to police he was arrested on a misdemeanor charge. Here is Lohan's mug shot released by the Suffolk County Public Information Office.

In June, a judge said Michael Lohan would avoid prosecution on another misdemeanor charge of aggravated harassment if he stayed out of trouble for a year.

Earlier this year, Lohan also was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill his fiancée and himself when she tried to break up with him. The New York Post reports that police arrested him April 6 for a phone threat he placed to on-again, off-again girlfriend Erin Muller, 34.

Lohan denied a claim by prosecutors that he threatened to kill his girlfriend and himself if she ended the relationship.

Now, TMZ reports Lohan was charged with criminal contempt of court because he has an order of protection against him restricting from "trying to communicate by phone."

So, what is contempt of court?

Contempt of court is a charge which can be laid against someone for basically interrupting the process of justice in a court of law, be that during a trial or by ignoring a court order.

There are two types of contempt of court.

Civil contempt occurs when a person refuses to obey a court order.

Criminal contempt involves conduct that hinders or obstructs justice

A judge who feels someone is improperly challenging or ignoring the court's authority has the power to declare a person in contempt of court.

A charge of contempt, if proved, can result in a fine and/or jail time.

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