Computer Tech Peeping Tom: Trevor Harwell Spied Thru Webcams

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on June 13, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Peeping Tom Trevor Harwell was arrested on Wednesday after nearly a year-long investigation into allegations that the computer technician was spying on dozens of women after gaining remote access to their webcams.

Charged with 12 felony counts of computer access and fraud, police have recovered hundreds of thousands of images and videos stored on a remote server and Harwell's computer.

Most depict women in various stages of undress.

Police were tipped off to peeping tom Trevor Harwell when a man's daughter began to receive error messages on her computer. The messages told her that she needed to fix her "internal sensor" by placing her laptop "near hot steam for several minutes," reports the Los Angeles Times.

Several women took their computers into the bathroom while they showered.

Law enforcement believes that he installed applications on his clients' computers in order to gain remote access, notes the paper.

They also think that he may of hacked into the system at Biola University, a Christian college that the Associated Press reports he attended with many of the identified victims.

In addition to facing prosecution for unauthorized access of a computer and fraud, Harwell can also be held liable invasion of privacy, destruction of property, and if any of his victims were under 18, child pornography.

The last of these would elevate his sentence exponentially.

At this time, the Los Angeles Times reports that the investigation into peeping tom Trevor Harwell isn't over. Police expect more charges to be filed, including others in Los Angeles County.

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