Common Party Drugs That Can Get You Arrested

By George Khoury, Esq. on November 28, 2016 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Everybody enjoys a good party. However, what some people consider a good party is what police consider arresting fish in a barrel. While there are some legal drugs, such as alcohol, prescription medications, vitamins and supplements, and, of course, marijuana in some states, there are countless illegal drugs that can get you arrested if you are caught using or possessing them at a party. It is important to note that the legal drugs can also get you arrested if you are overly intoxicated in public, selling/distributing them, if they look like real drugs, or while driving home.

There's no specific list of drugs that are considered party drugs. "Party drug" is a term that generally refers to any drug that has an effect that a partygoer would consider good for a party, such as extra energy, increased/altered sensory perception, and/or mood/mind altering effects. The term became popularized in the mainstream when illegal raves started gaining widespread popularity. Sometimes party drugs are as simple as vitamins or herbal supplements, however, frequently the term is used to refer to illegal or more powerful substances.

Having, Using, Buying, Distributing, and Selling Party Drugs Is Illegal

While there are many prescription drugs on the market that are legally used, possessing or using one that is not prescribed to you by a doctor is illegal. Additionally, there are countless designer drugs that usually come in pill or powder form, as well as the popular illegal drugs MDMA and methamphetamine. While most people know that possession, use, and sale of these can get you arrested, most don't realize that any type of drug, or controlled substance, or even vitamins or a fake drug, can get you arrested.

Depending on the activity that you engaged in, the penalties can range from a slap on the wrist for being intoxicated in public, to decades in prison because of a distribution charge. Additionally, if someone is injured or dies as a result of drugs that you provided, even if it was a legal drug like alcohol, you could be facing criminal charges for those consequences as well.

Party Drugs Can Be Dangerous

Illegal drugs are usually illegal for good reason. Unfortunately, all too frequently, date rape drugs such as GHB, roofies, and ketamine, show up at parties and are used as precursors to sexual assaults. If a person is caught administering one of these drugs on another person, they will likely face a lengthy prison sentence.

On top of the drugs that are meant to incapacitate, party drugs can frequently have adverse, life-threatening effects if they are not identifiable, if they are made improperly, if they are consumed recklessly.

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