COMIC: Can You Sell Adderall to Your Friends?

By Maddy Buck, Esq. on November 01, 2022 | Last updated on January 04, 2023


Panel 1: A round, turquoise character holds out a bottle of Adderall to a friend while accepting some dollar bills in their other hand. A speech bubble comes out of the turquoise character, saying: “Is it illegal to sell my Adderall to my friends?” 

Panel 2: Four round characters stand admiring medication bottles and surrounding “law” with arms and legs. On the left of the law character, an orange round character says “I’ll Venmo you!” On the right of the law character, a green character says to the purple character next to it, referring to the prescription bottle, “What’s mine is yours!” The text above says: “It is illegal to sell prescription drugs across the United States. The law doesn’t want you sharing them either. Let’s break it down."

Panel 3: The text at the top says: “State and federal laws classify addictive or medical substances into five lists, also known as ‘schedules,’ of ‘controlled substances.’ Penalties for selling, sharing, or using controlled substances depend on the schedule and on your state’s laws. Some substances — like marijuana — are treated differently by states and the federal government.” Underneath are five documents with arms and legs, each with a different number, one to five.  

Panel 4: The text on this page says: “Schedule 1 substances are considered the most severe, so selling, sharing, or using them usually comes with the harshest penalties. That said, many states have passed laws making the punishment for marijuana-related offenses less severe, so familiarize yourself with your state's laws.” In the middle of the text is a rectangular document, with arms and legs. On the document are the words “Schedule 1” and “heroin, ecstasy, peyote, LSD, marijuana.” 

Panel 5: The text at the top of the page says: “Schedule 2 substances are the second-most severe set of drugs because they have a lot of potential to be abused, even though they can be prescribed for a medical purpose. Adderall is usually a Schedule 2 controlled substance.” Under the text is a rectangle with arms and legs, pointing to the words on itself. The words say, “Schedule 2” and “Adderall, meth, Ritalin, oxycodone, cocaine, Vicodin.” 

Panel 6: A frustrated law character (a rectangle with arms and legs and the words “law” written over it many times) yells “NO!” in multiple speech bubbles. Surrounding the law character are little round characters selling and sharing Adderall containers. One character says to another, “Money please!” and another says “Want some?” while holding out a bottle of Adderall. The text above says: “In most states it is a felony to sell Adderall or even to give it away to someone else. That prescription was meant for you only!” 

Panel 7: The text at the top of the panel says: “You could also be in trouble if you’re caught planning to give or sell your Adderall. It’s generally a felony for ‘possession with intent to distribute’ even if you have a valid prescription.” Below the text is a large green blob holding a notepad or phone with notes on it. The notes say: “Plan: ration pills, sell to friends, get rich.” In the background is a bottle of Adderall sitting on a chair. 

Panel 8: The text at the top of the panel says: “What happens if I get caught? Penalties for this crime can include fines, probation, community service, mandatory drug abuse treatment and counseling, driver's license suspension, and jail time.” Below the text are illustrations of various forms of punishment, including fines, a blob receiving counseling in a cozy chair, a blob in jail, a blob picking up litter, and a blob in a classroom setting. 

Panel 9: The text at the top of the panel says: “You could also face discipline at school, including required participation in your school's drug education program, suspension, or expulsion. And if you’re a student-athlete, you could be benched.” Below the text, a round character sits sadly on a bench, all alone. A basketball is lying inertly next to the character and next to a court of some sort.  

Panel 10: The text at the top of the panel says: “And if you sell or give your Adderall to a minor at school or within a specific distance from a school (or if you have a plan to do so), the criminal penalties can often be worse.” Below the text, a school sits in the background, with a flag on top. A path leads from the school to two characters. One character is sprinkling out a few pills from a bottle into the other character’s hand. A sign near them says, “School Zone.” 

Panel 11: A purple, round character clutches at a bottle of Adderall. A speech bubble comes out from it saying, “It’s mine, I can’t share!” A turquoise character is grabbing the purple character’s arm, with speech bubbles that say, “Come on, please!” and “But we’re BFFs!” The text above the illustration says: “It doesn’t matter if your friend insists they need it. If it was prescribed to you, it should stick with you." Below the illustration is the text, “To learn more, visit”

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