'Cleaning Fairy' Gets Probation, But Legal Cleanup Continues

By Deanne Katz, Esq. on November 28, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Your dust bunnies can rest easy, because Ohio's "Cleaning Fairy" has been sentenced to a year of probation. But that doesn't completely mop up the legal mess she's gotten herself into, the Sun-News reports.

Susan M. Warren, 53, of Elyria, was looking for something to do so when she found the door of a home in Westlake, Ohio, open and went inside. She cleaned a few things, took out the trash, and then left a bill for $75 scribbled onto a napkin. She even left her telephone number.

But the homeowner wasn't very grateful to wake up and find evidence of the Cleaning Fairy's break-in, and Warren ended up pleading guilty to charges for the May incident. This week she was sentenced.

For the crime of attempted burglary, Warren received a year of probation and 20 hours of community service, according to the Associated Press.

Nothing was stolen, unless you count the garbage, but that doesn't make Warren's actions legal.

Even if a door is unlocked, it's unlawful to enter someone else's home without permission. It's unclear why Warren was charged with attempted burglary rather than breaking and entering, but her actions still seem to fit.

Burglary is breaking and entering with the intent to commit a crime inside. A charge of attempted burglary indicates that Warren did not commit a crime inside.

Presumably the attempted crime is some form of fraud based on the bill. In case you were worried, a person can't just barge into a random house, clean it, and leave a bill. While it's certainly a nicer form of break-in than stealing a TV, the homeowner is still not bound to pay since she didn't hire Warren to be her Cleaning Fairy.

This case is now squared away, but Warren is still dealing with an earlier burglary charge from a similar incident.

The Cleaning Fairy remains free, but hopefully now she'll think twice before going into a home and dusting without permission.

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