Christina Milian and The Dream: Divorce Settlement Reached

By Tanya Roth, Esq. on November 11, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Did pop/R&B singer Christina Milian receive a dream divorce settlement? Milian's soon to be ex-husband, producer The Dream, might say no. But some news sources say yes, to the sweet tune of $4 million in a lump sum, a number disputed by Milian herself.

What might be the long term outcome of this short marriage? Milian and The Dream were married in September 2009, according to HipHopWired. The couple will be filing the settlement agreement with a judge in Fulton, Georgia in the near future. The couple has one child, a daughter, who was born just about the time divorce papers were initially filed.

Milian's lawyer says that one reason the singer sought an out-of-court settlement was to benefit her daughter. Attorney Randy Kessler told TMZ, "Ms. Milian strongly believes that peaceful resolution is better for their child and that she is very pleased with the settlement and that it was accomplished out of court."

As discussed in a prior post on FindLaw's Celebrity Justice, a divorce settlement can be agreed to with the court's participation, or as an out-of-court settlement. In addition to saving time and money, of an out-of-court settlement can help keep the acrimony between the parties from escalating. In addition, as a benefit to celebrities, it can help prevent leaks to the press regarding dollar amounts of financial settlements. However, as this story shows, nothing is foolproof.

Divorce settlement agreements can be reached by an informal negotiation between parties (with or without legal representatives). If all issues such as child support, spousal support and custody can be reached, all that would be needed is approval from a court in the county were the divorce was filed. In a situation such as this, extra elements (outside of complicated financial agreements) may be necessary. Clauses in custody agreements that neither parent make disparaging remarks about the other are common, but those with higher profiles often add a clause addressing comments made to the press as well.

If this is the full amount of press attention stemming from the divorce between Christina Milian and The Dream, Milian can count herself, and her daughter, lucky.

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