Christina Aguilera Racy Photos: Did Hacker Really Leak Them?

By Laura Strachan, Esq. on December 10, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

It happens to the best of them. Racy photos, sex tapes and scandals. Celebrities' sex tapes and racy personal pictures going public often garner more press than any movie or hit song. It just goes with the territory.

The most recent celebrity to find her image go viral: Christina Aguilera. Thought to be the work of a hacker (or perhaps her estranged husband), the Christina Aguilera racy photos are all over the internet and she is none too happy about it. Some celebrity gossip sites have even speculated Aguilera herself leaked them to generate some buzz.

The collection of photographs were exchanged between Aguilera and her stylist and appear to have somehow made it into the hands of third party.

"The photos were taken in the privacy of Ms. Aguilera's home and were used only in a personal exchange between the star and her stylist," The Washington Post quotes an Aguilera rep. Team Aguilera is "attempting to determine the identity of the hacker and will pursue him aggressively."

Easier said than done.

When it comes to the release of celebrity pictures and videos (i.e. Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton) there are both right of publicity and invasion of privacy issues at play. More often than not, someone is profiting from the images and it is not the celebrity. For Aguilera, she may not only try to have the images removed from the internet, but can also file an action against the hacker for any damages she may have sustained as a result of their publication.

From a new movie, divorce, a new man, and now racy pictures Christina Aguilera is having quite the year.

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