Chris Brown Probation: Could GMA Tantrum Affect Him in Court?

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on March 23, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The Chris Brown tantrum is a legendary thing. We all remember Rihanna.

However, one would think that after six months of court-ordered domestic violence counseling, the singer would have learned to handle a bit of his anger.

But with newly bleached hair and armfuls of tattoos, the singer proved that this isn't the case. Nope, upset about Good Morning America anchors asking about Rihanna, he threw a new and approved Chris Brown tantrum.

Instead of a woman, he took his anger out on windows. And his shirt.

Out promoting his new album, Brown made an appearance on Tuesday's Good Morning America to play a few songs and speak to Robin Roberts. During the interview, Roberts questioned Brown about his situation with Rihanna now that her restraining order has been loosened.

After trying to avoid answering, the singer performed a song. Then he stormed off stage.

Chris Brown, probation the furthest thing from his mind, then proceeded to run into his dressing room and start screaming, reports Reuters. Staff then called security.

During this little incident, Brown reportedly smashed the window in his dressing room with a chair and seemed to have lost his shirt, notes Reuters.

Yeah, that's right, he left the building shirtless.

Brown should be concerned about this incident given that he remains on probation. Sure, only security was called, but it's all over the news that he vandalized his dressing room. Destruction of property most likely violates his probation, which means he could conceivably end up in front of a judge in a few weeks' time.

So basically, for Chris Brown, probation may have just got a little worse.

On a side note, this Chris Brown tantrum ended with a most wonderful tweet. Luckily the Los Angeles Times saved it prior to deletion.

"I'm so over people bringing this ... up!!! "Yet we praise Charlie Sheen and other celebs for there [behavior]."

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