Chevy Cruze Recall Over Engine, Fuel-Tank Fire Risks

By Admin on June 27, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

General Motors has announced two Chevy Cruze recalls, after reports of big problems with the popular small car's engine compartment and fuel tank.

Fires can possibly break out when flammable engine fluids become trapped by the Chevy Cruze's engine shield, according to the Associated Press. About 30 engine fires have been reported, but they did not cause any crashes or injuries, a GM spokesman said.

In light of the engine fire risk, more than 475,000 Chevy Cruzes are being recalled. All the recalled vehicles were built at GM's plant in Lordstown, Ohio, between September 2010 and May 2012, the AP reports. The Cruzes were sold in the United States, Canada, and Israel.

In addition to the engine-fire recall, a second Chevy Cruze recall affects about 61,000 vehicles that may be missing welds on gas tank brackets, according to the AP. In a crash, fuel tanks without welded brackets can come loose, causing leaks and potential fires.

As with most automotive recalls, the Chevy Cruze recalls come with free fixes. For the engine compartment issue, local dealers will cut the engine's plastic shield to let fluid drip to the pavement, the AP reports. Cruz owners will receive notices about the free engine-shield repairs, which are set to begin July 11.

For the fuel-tank bracket issue, local dealers will secure any loose brackets with fasteners, according to GM.

In addition to free Chevy Cruze recall fixes, consumers may be able to pursue other legal remedies such as filing a lawsuit over a safety-related defect. Because these legal remedies differ by state, consumers may want to contact a local product liability lawyer to figure out which legal options are available.

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