Celebrity Lawyer Laura Wasser Launches Online Divorce Site

By George Khoury, Esq. on February 08, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

While much of the new legal tech out there is focused on helping lawyers do their jobs more efficiently and profitably, one lawyer has started a website geared at improving the access to justice problem, at least when it comes to divorce in New York County and California.

The newly launched website, by the divorce lawyer to the stars, Laura Wasser, It's Over Easy, promises individuals seeking divorce a simple, user friendly way to do it, on the ever so trendy subscription model. The website allows users to work independently, or in conjunction with a soon to be former spouse. And also provides for various levels of subscription pricing to fit different budgets and needs.

But the Liability?!

If you're thinking what most lawyers out there are thinking, you're probably thinking about the wide range of liability celebrity lawyer Laura Wasser could face.

However, the website is pretty much being compared to a turbo tax for divorce, where the users follow prompts, fill in information, and then the website generates the appropriate petition, all filled out. Individuals can either file themselves, or opt for a more premium subscription where It's Over Easy will file on a user's behalf.

There's definitely potential pitfalls when it comes to assisting individuals who will represent themselves, as well as allowing clients to sign up for a service online without an initial consultation, but undoubtedly, the site has covered, and found a way around, these basic ethical issues.

What Else Can Be Turbo Taxed?

If you're not one of the lawyers that immediately thought about Wasser's potential liabilities, you were probably kicking yourself for not thinking of the same thing first, or reserving the domain name www.DivorceHorse.com back in 1996 (which, if you're reading this Wasser, or any other divorce lawyer for that matter, you totally have my blessing to rename your site Divorce Horse).

Regardless of what the critics will say, while this isn't an application of new technology, it certainly is using the technology that is already out there in the best way for consumers. If you're one of those lawyers wishing this was your idea, it's probably time to start thinking about what other legal needs can be made easy.

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