Cat Burglar: Klepto Kitty Steals Bras, Shoes, Bikinis

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on February 17, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A California cat burglar has been caught. And his name? Dusty. The Cat.

San Mateo, a city just south of San Francisco, had been plagued by a cat burglar for the last three years. Residents had no clue what was going on--the California cat burglar was stealing strange items, such as teddy bears, towels and shoes. He even stole a bra. Who would want these things?

Confused by the odd lot of stolen items, someone set up a night vision camera to catch the perpetrator in action, reports Metro UK. The camera revealed that the neighborhood's cat burglar was actually Dusty the Cat, as it showed him dragging items from neighbors' homes in the middle of the night. One of these videos even shows the cat gingerly walking down the street with a stolen bra in his mouth.

Dusty the Cat is an ordinary cat--he lounges around the house, licks himself, and probably spends a few hours a day jonesing for some cat nip. But at night, he turns into Klepto Kitty--cat burglar extraordinaire.

The frisky California cat burglar has stolen over 600 items, with a record-breaking 11 in one night, reports Metro UK. Neighbors are apparently taking the thefts in stride and with a sense of humor, hopping over to Dusty's lair when they realize an item has gone missing.

One has got to wonder, though. Where did Dusty's homo sapien guardians think all this stuff was coming from? And where exactly were they storing it all?

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