California Trial Lawyers: Learn How to Spin 'The Wheels'

By George Khoury, Esq. on October 10, 2017 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Whether you're still trying to get your first trial or have done hundreds, it's always good to learn new methods. The Rutter Group's The Evidence and Trial Wheels: Two Dynamic Devices for Trial Lawyers program can help participants develop those automatic trial reflexes and the confidence to resolve evidentiary issues at trial. (Disclosure: The Rutter Group is FindLaw's sister company.)

Unlike other seminars where speakers talk at the classroom, participants will get first-hand experience spinning "The Wheels" and testing out methods as they are being taught. There's a reason why even experienced litigators keep "The Wheels" at counsel's table during trial, and even pre-trial hearings.

What Are "The Wheels"?

We've all been there. You call out: "Objection!" But then you stare blankly at the judge for a minute before mumbling out a "vague and ambiguous" under your breath because you couldn't think of anything better. Then, just as you expected, your objection is overruled, and you just look foolish in front of the jury, and worse, you didn't actually make the record you needed to make. If you had "The Wheels" there at your side, you might have realized it was a foundational issue, and thus had your objection sustained.

"The Wheels" are a quick reference tool for trial attorneys to use in the courtroom to assist with those high pressure moments when you need to find the right objection, or the answer to an issue during trial. The Rutter Group's The Evidence Wheel and The Trial Wheel, developed by attorney Robert S. Arns, help trial attorneys to develop a systematic approach to expertly handle evidentiary and trial issues.

Details of the Program

The Rutter Group's The Evidence and Trial Wheels: Two Dynamic Devices for Trial Lawyers program will be held on October 19, 2017 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. in Los Angeles. The cost is only $275. It will actually be moderated by Robert S. Arns, the creator of "The Wheels," who will be joined by the Presiding Judge of the California Court of Appeals, 2nd District, Judge Lee Smalley Edmon, and retired judge of the San Francisco Superior Court, Judge Anne Bouliane.

In addition to getting hands-on instruction and experience using "The Wheels," as well as your very own set of "The Wheels," the program will provide three MCLE credit hours, including 0.5 hours in ethics credits. Also, like other programs put on by The Rutter Group, enrollees are entitled to purchase two of The Rutter Group's seminal California practice guides at half-price: California Practice Guide: Civil Trials and Evidence, and Rutter Group Practice Guide: Federal Civil Trials and Evidence. The savings on either of these titles will more than cover the cost of the seminar on its own.

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