California Federal Litigators: Is Your Rutter Up to Date?

By George Khoury, Esq. on August 08, 2017 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The Rutter Group's Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial, California and Ninth Circuit Edition has been updated for 2017 with new case law, statutes, and important info to help guide you through the procedural minefield that is federal litigation in California. Updates are still available for current subscribers. (Disclosure: The Rutter Group is part of Thomson Reuters, FindLaw's parent company.)

For federal litigators in California that don't have The Rutter Group's best selling guide, or that might have missed a few updates, it's never too late to start using the industry leading practice guide.

In Depth Support for District Courts in the Ninth Circuit

When you're in California's federal district courts, short of citing to the almighty SCOTUS, there's nothing stronger than Ninth Circuit precedents. After that, by knowing how other districts within the circuit, and particularly your own district, has dealt with your issue, and whether there are any circuit splits, you'll feel more confident in your arguments and write better briefs.

The Rutter Group's Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial, Ninth Circuit and California Edition, organizes the leading precedents and applicable statutes to your issue, by issue or topic. Additionally, The Rutter Group guides are known for being exhaustively indexed, meaning a quick glance at the index will help you know exactly where to look for answers to your questions. You'll be able to quickly find overlapping topics and issues that might lend your argument support. Also, since it is in a binder, you can easily pull the index page out so you're not constantly flipping back and forth to it.

Changing Standards in Litigation and Research

The Rutter Group's guides are the gold standard among legal professionals for their ease of use, comprehensive guidance, and motion-tested forms.

Keeping up with certain changes in court precedent is not always possible on your own, but The Rutter Group's Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial is regularly updated to reflect the newest precedents and recent legislation. From last year's strengthening of the pleading requirement for Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 (PSLRA) cases by the Ninth Circuit, to issues that are seeking certiorari before the Supreme Court, this year's update can make sure you're in the know.

And as if the guide wasn't already authoritative enough, the most recent update was written by two current federal court judges: Beverly Reid O'Connell and Karen L. Stevenson. Each of the new authors bring their wealth of federal litigation experience, as well as their unique perspective from behind the bench, in providing guidance, new practice pointer, and relevant authorities to the 2017 annual update.

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