'Cake Boss' Co-Star Remy Gonzalez Arrested for Sexual Assault

By Laura Strachan, Esq. on August 26, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Cake Boss, is a popular TLC reality television show following "tough guys" baking delicious and delicate confections in their New Jersey kitchen. The family drama apparently extends when the cameras turn off as well. Remy Gonzalez, brother-in-law of the boss himself, has been arrested on charges of aggravated sexual assault, criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual contact, and endangering the welfare of a child.

According to MSNBC, 32 year-old Remegio "Remy" Gonzalez is being held in a New Jersey jail following his August 18 arrest. The victim is said to be an unidentified teenager. A local law enforcement official commented on some of the charges: "Don't ask me how old or male or female, that child is, that information is sealed, but you can tell from the charges they were under age and present, which is why you have endangerment."

The lack of information regarding the details of this case is two-fold: it would be overly prejudicial to Gonzalez to have circumstances of the questionable encounter publicized, and because this matter concerns a minor, authorities are very cautious to give too much information. In much the same way that the information of a juvenile offender is not released (unless he or she is tried as an adult) a young victim is usually not identified in an effort to preserve privacy.

And the icing on the cake for Remy Gonzalez? Gonzalez is not able to make the $300,000 bail the judge set for him, and so he will remain in jail until his arraignment. Keeping with the dearth of any substantial commenting, TLC is also quoted by MSNBC, "The Network respects the family's wish for as much privacy as possible, and as this does not involve us, we will not be commenting any further."

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