Burglar Brought Daughter to Break In

By Laura Strachan, Esq. on October 22, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Can't find a sitter for the kids? Take them with you! The babysitter dilemma happens all the time and often ends in the young child coming to work with the parent until other arrangements can be made. This also applies to crimes. If there is no one available to watch the little one, then he or she will serve as a pseudo accomplice to the crime. It only makes sense.

Here's a relevant example: a burglar brought daughter to break into the house she was robbing in Western Michigan. The Post Chronicle reports that mother of the year is 26 year-old Nicole Bugajski. Bugajski was caught by the elderly homeowner she was robbing, and arrested by police attempting to flee the scene. When police arrested her, they also found her 2 year-old daughter inside.

The unique take on "bring your daughter to work day" may spiral into some more adventures in motherhood and the criminal justice system. The 2 year-old is now in protective custody. Let's hope grandma is not first in line to care for the tot, as Nicole's mother, 51 year-old Kimberly Mahnke, was Nicole's partner in crime.

The multi-generational affair will come with some criminal consequences. Burglary is commonly punished by jail time, the amount of which depends on several factors including: the amount and price of items stolen, whether there was significant damage to the property, and whether anyone was injured in the process. Take your daughter to court day is clearly the next field trip for this family.

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