'Bucket List' Police Chase Costs Man $1K Fine

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on February 07, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

John Hughes -- no, not that John Hughes -- wondered what it would be like to be in a high-speed police chase.

The 55-year-old led police on a car chase through Butte, Montana early Thursday morning, hitting speeds of over 100 mph. He wasn't drunk, on drugs, or wanted for a crime.

When confused officers asked about his motives, he told them, "I just always wanted to do that." He did it for fun -- a bucket list police chase, if you will.

Hughes incited the chase after following a patrol car for several blocks. He then took off at a high speed, causing officers to follow. The chase finally ended when police threw a stop stick on the interstate, according to the Montana Standard.

He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor reckless driving while eluding a peace officer. A judge fined him $1,000 for instigating the bucket list police chase.

Hughes could have been fined up to $2,000 and/or sent to jail for no more than 1 year, according to the Montana Code. But prosecutors recommended no jail time and a low fine because he has no criminal record, explains the Standard.

A person with a criminal history or past incidents of reckless driving likely would have gotten some time behind bars and a heftier fine. Judges have a wide range of discretion when sentencing, and they tend to adjust upward for prior criminal experience.

John Hughes' lack of experience is what ultimately kept his bucket list police chase fun -- and relatively affordable.

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