Britney Spears Sued for $10 Million Over Perfume Deal

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on April 01, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Britney Spears may be making another comeback, but life isn't all sunshine and butterflies for the pop princess.

Spears is reportedly being sued for $10 million for breaching a royalty contract involving her fragrances.

Daddy is even admitting that Britney didn't want to pay up.

Elizabeth Arden markets Spears' fragrances, all of which appear to be named after her most admirable qualities. Thus far, Radiance (over-glittered), Midnight Fantasy (hallucinations), and Curious (no boundaries), have made the singer millions.

Back in 2004, Reuters reports that Brand Sense Partners brokered the deal between Spears and Arden, and was set to receive 35% of all royalties.

In a backroom deal, Britney had all royalties re-routed to her bank account because, as her father says, 35% was too high and she no longer felt like paying it.

Brand Sense Partners is also suing for fraud, deceit and punitive damages, according to the Daily Mail.

Jamie Spears' statements to the press are likely to come back and bite Britney in the ass.

If you want to breach a contract, you need to find a legally justifiable reason to do so. Not wanting to pay is not a valid reason.

If Britney Spears & Co decided that the 35% commission was an outrageous amount, she could have filed with the court to have the contract set aside on the grounds of unconscionability. In other words, she could have bypassed the lawsuit by having the court prematurely declare 35% to be unfair.

Of course, Britney is Britney, and everything must be done with some flair.

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