Britney Spears, Ex-Bodyguard to Settle Sex-Harassment Lawsuit

By Andrew Lu on September 12, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Britney Spears is close to settling her sexual harassment lawsuit with her former bodyguard Fernando Flores.

The sexual harassment suit brought against Britney Spears had led to an almost two-year legal battle.

The singer is accused of not being able to keep her clothes on around her bodyguard. Flores says that Spears was always flashing her naked body parts at him and would even intentionally drop her cigarette lighter in his presence and then bend to pick it over, exposing her uncovered genitals, reports gossip website TMZ.

Oh, the horrors that Flores had to endure.

Sexual harassment is unlawful regardless of how attractive, how famous, or how rich the perpetrator. So in Britney Spears' sexual harassment case, an argument that Flores should have enjoyed being subjected to her alleged flashing wouldn't have worked in her defense.

For her part, Spears denied the claims. However, she reportedly settled the case for a "modest" amount to put the ordeal behind her, reports TMZ.

It's interesting to note that Spears herself does not have the authority to finalize the lawsuit settlement. She is currently under a conservatorship, and so her co-conservators (her father and fiance, according to People magazine) would need to sign off on the deal.

Four years ago, Spears famously had a very public meltdown, locking herself and her child in a room and refusing to give the child to the father, Kevin Federline. Spears had also engaged in other behavior that many deemed strange, such as shaving her head. As a result, Spears was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and eventually placed under conservatorship, according to The Huffington Post. Spears' co-conservators have control over her career, finances, and legal decisions, as Spears was deemed to lack the adequate mental capacity.

A sexual harassment lawsuit settlement obviously impacts Britney Spears' finances. So, her conservator would need to OK the deal with her former bodyguard to finalize it.

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