Britex Car Seats Recalled Over Potential Choking Hazard

By Admin on November 07, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Parents who own a Britex car seat should take care, as the company has recalled more than 60,000 of its convertible car seats over a potential choking hazard.

So far it doesn't appear that any children have been hurt by the recalled seats. But to be on the safe side, Britex is asking parents to remove the chest pads from the seats, and is offering free replacement pieces that are safer for children.

The problem isn't that the seats don't hold children safely. It's that they have pieces that children can put in their mouths.

The chest pads are just at the right height for children to bite them, and the material is soft enough that pieces can break off, reports The Huffington Post. That's where the choking hazard comes from.

All manufacturers are required to meet certain safety standards when their products hit the marketplace. Products made for infants and children are held to particularly high standards.

If a company discovers that its products don't meet the standards, the choice is to repair the problem or to refund customers' money. Either way, it's called a recall.

But just because a product is recalled doesn't mean injuries that happen won't be taken seriously.

Unsafe products that cause harm can be the subject of a lawsuit. If that's happened to you, talk to an experienced products-liability attorney about what you can do to get compensation.

The Britex recall was voluntary, meaning the company wasn't required by law to do it. But Britex chose to anyway, given the safety issue. While consumer protection agencies can force a recall if a company refuses to address safety hazards, luckily that didn't happen in this case.

For parents who own the Britex Boulevard 70-G3, Pavilion 70-G3, or Advocate 70-G3 convertible car seats in the United States, or the Boulevard 65-G3, Pavilion 65-G3, or Advocate 65-G3 convertible models, Britex has more information on its website about what you can do.

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