Bristol Palin Demands Child Support From Levi Johnston

By Minara El-Rahman on January 25, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol Palin, has filed for a temporary order of child support from Levi Johnston. According to US Weekly, Bristol Palin wants $1,750 a month in child support from Levi Johnston. Bristol Palin wants Levi Johnston to pay up every month since Tripp's birth on December 27, 2008. Bristol Palin's request for permanent child support is pending.

TMZ claims that Bristol Palin asserts in court documents that she has only received "limited and sporadic financial assistance from Levi." CNN reports that the court filing by Bristol Palin claims that Levi Johnston earned "in excess of $105,000 in 2009 through various media interviews and modeling related activities." Johnston's manager contends that he has paid Bristol Palin more than $10,000 in child support.

Child support is typically based on the parents' incomes, living expenses, and the needs of the child. In Alaska, if a father makes more in excess of $105,000, a court "may decide to make an additional award only if it is just and proper, taking into account the needs of the children, the standard of living of the children and the extent to which that standard should reflect the supporting parent's ability to pay."

While Bristol Palin is currently the custodial parent of Tripp, this request for child support may be delayed until the issues with child custody is resolved. We wrote about previously in Celebrity Justice, Levi Johnston is fighting for joint custody of his son Tripp. It seems like once that custody battle is settled, the court can decide on the question of child support. This is because child support payments hinge on who has primary custody of the child. So this means that this is just the start of the process for Bristol Palin.

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