Bridal Gown Bandit Caught on Tape Stealing $5K Wedding Dress

By Deanne Katz, Esq. on October 17, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Many women go a little crazy over finding the perfect bridal gown. But when they can't afford it they often settle for something more affordable.

An as-yet unidentified woman didn't have that kind of restraint. She knew which gown she wanted and since the $5,000 price tag was hard to swallow she just walked out the door with the dress.

In a fairytale world she would be able to keep that dress but if police can figure out her identity that likely won't happen. Police have some pretty useful information to track down the bridal gown bandit and separate her from her stolen dress.

The New Jersey boutique where the crime happened to have a security system both outside the front door and in the parking lot that caught the whole thing on tape:

It's pretty clear that if this bride is ever caught there's a good chance she'll be convicted of theft but she's not the only one who could be on the hook.

The woman wasn't alone in the heist which took place in late September, reports New York Daily News. She also went into the bridal store with a large group of women, a teenage, and a three-year-old who is seen struggling to keep up after her mom after the theft.

The women allegedly blocked one of the store's owners from seeing the woman slip out the front with her pilfered dress. That means they could all be in trouble as well.

An accomplice to a crime is someone that helps a criminal commit the act even if she doesn't participate in all steps of the crime. If it turns out these women were trying to distract the store's owner to allow their friend to get away that makes them liable too.

For future reference, if your friend asks you to commit a serious crime, like theft of a highly valuable object, that's a good time to decline. Or at least fake sick so you don't have to participate.

For now the wedding dress thief has escaped justice and police haven't yet identified her. But they're still on the lookout for the pricey dress and the woman who took it.

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