Boy, 2, Blurts Out Fugitive Dad's Hiding Place to Police

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on January 12, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Fugitive dad Valdet Gjeloshi was arrested in Florida after his two-year-old son ratted him out.

Aren't kids just adorable? Two-year-olds are just at that age where they talk without thinking. And they still have that annoying habit of telling the truth.

Gjeloshi was wanted on a probation violation charge for a battery. His wife originally told police that he wasn't at his home when they arrived. She gave officials a few alternative locations. That's when Gjeloshi's son stepped in.

The toddler told police that his dad was in the attic. The mother then confirmed.

One wonders what must have gone through her mind as the events unfolded. On one hand, she must have been at least slightly proud of her son. He didn't lie. He told the truth, just like she probably taught him to.

On the other hand, he did land his dad right back into custody.

Police arrested Gjeloshi on charges that he violated his probation and resisted arrest without violence.

Resisting arrest without violence is a first-degree misdemeanor in Florida. Individuals may be charged if they obstruct or oppose any police officer during the execution of their duties.

If Gjeloshi resisted arrest with violence he would face much harsher penalties. That offense is a third-degree felony.

Gjeloshi's father said that his son didn't violate probation purposefully. He said there was simply a miscommunication about his court date, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

Either way, hiding in an attic does seem relatively suspicious. Fugitive dad Valdet Gjeloshi may end up serving more time in jail than he originally anticipated.

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