Botox Mom a Fake: Sheena Upton Confesses She Made it All up

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on May 19, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Remember Kerry Campbell, Botox Mom? Well, there's been an update to the story: introducing Sheena Upton, Fake Botox Mom.

Apparently, Upton was making this whole Botox-ing her 8-year-old thing up.

After her daughter was removed from her, Upton lawyered up and now signed a declaration "under penalty of perjury" that the entire thing was a hoax. Her asking price for running this hoax? $200 by the British tabloid The Sun, according to TMZ.

Kerry Campbell - correction, Sheena Upton - reportedly lost her daughter recently. Child Protective Services began investigating the case after she appeared on Good Morning America and Inside Edition with the same story. The two TV shows offered her sizeable sums to appear on their shows - around $10,000 for her Good Morning America appearance, an  ABC News source told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bizarre, right? But it's not the first time someone's done something like this to drum up publicity. Remember the Balloon Boy? You know, when a family pretended that their 6-year-old was in some high-flying balloon and could not get down?

The Balloon Boy's parents could only be charged with a misdemeanor for making a false report to authorities. Could similar charges be awaiting Ms. Upton?

Maybe, but only if she somehow misled authorities when they began investigating the case. There's no law that says that it is illegal to lie to newspaper or TV stations. Of course, if you're lying about someone else - you could get into some legal troubles for libel or defamation.

But, when the falsehood is about yourself, are you really doing any legal harm? Likely not. Though, it is possible that maybe Good Morning America and Inside Edition can allege that Upton fraudulently deceived them out of the money they paid for her to come onto their show. That's assuming these news outlets believed that her story was true. Reps at GMA say that they checked their sources before inviting Upton/Campbell onto their show, legitimately believing she was the real deal, according to an ABC News statement.

Maybe Fake Botox Mom/Kerry Campbell/Sheena Upton is finally telling the truth for once. Her daughter was checked out at UCLA Medical Center, where they found no evidence that she has ever been injected with Botox, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

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