Boston Bombing Suspects: FBI Needs Public's Help Finding These 2 Men

By Adam Ramirez on April 18, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The FBI has released images of two men who are suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings.

For the first time, the agency made public a video (attached below) and 8 photographs of the men who were seen in the vicinity of the attack that killed three people and injured about 180.

Investigators have asked for the public's help in their search for suspects. Anyone with any information, no matter how small, is urged to contact the FBI.

"Somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, co-workers or family members of the suspects," FBI Special Agent Rick DesLauriers told a packed press briefing in Boston on Thursday. "And though it may be difficult, the nation is counting on those with information to come forward and provide it to us."

The following surveillance video has footage of one suspect in a white cap (worn backyards) and another man in a dark hat. At one point they are seen walking together near the finish line:

Agent DesLauriers said the suspect in the white cap appeared to put down a backpack in front of the Forum restaurant, the site of the second explosion on Boylston Street.

The FBI has also released these high resolution photos. The public is encouraged to view the photos of both men in the hopes it could aid in the manhunt.

Authorities believe these men to be "armed and extremely dangerous," said DesLauriers, adding that people should contact authorities if they have any information, no matter how small or unimportant it may seem.

"Do not take any action on your own," he said.

All of the photos and video have been posted on the FBI's website.

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