Will Latest BlackBerry Outage Force DLA Piper, Other Firms to Switch?

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on October 14, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A number of law firms shunned the iPhone upon its initial release, but this week's worldwide BlackBerry outage is causing some big firms to reconsider their options.

Like many an older attorney, DLA Piper has been steadfast in its commitment to the CrackBerry. But another round of backed up inboxes and dropped text messages has the firm's leaders frustrated.

Higher-ups will soon enter discussions about whether to make a change.

Will DLA Piper pick iPhones, or will Google Android prevail?

DLA Piper will likely choose whichever phone is more secure, which is why they probably stuck with BlackBerry for so long.

Unlike other smart phones, BlackBerry phones route email and text traffic through centralized data centers. This provides another layer of encryption, which is important for maintaining confidentiality. However, it's also what causes such widespread disruption, reports CNET.

There are an estimated six major data centers around the globe and they are all connected. If a single data center experiences an error, it could--and does--impact BlackBerry users worldwide.

Decentralized networks used by the iPhone and Android phones instead only cause regional and carrier-based failures. But again, decentralized networks have fewer layers of security.

Out of the two less-secure options, it seems like the iPhone and Android phones are evenly matched. Still, some think Android is a better option. And of course, there are many out there who will always choose the iPhone.

Assuming they are equally secure, which phone should ultimately dominate DLA Piper? iPhones or Android phones?

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