Black Sabbath > White Christmas: Man Throws Beer at Bartender Over Song

By Christopher Coble, Esq. on December 30, 2015 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Look, we all have our own taste in music, and the Christmas creep is real. But surely playing some holiday tunes on Christmas Eve is something everyone can agree on, right?

Well, everyone except Christopher Gamboeck, maybe. Gamboeck was none too pleased when a bartender turned down the Black Sabbath and turned up the Christmas music, and he let his displeasure be known with a flying beer bottle. Very bah humbug, dude.

Iron (Hearted) Man

There are quite a few highlights in the police report of the Gamboeck's reindeer rage:

The incident occurred at the Farm Tavern Bar at 4 PM on Christmas Eve -- that's getting a nice early start on your holiday cheer!

  • Gamboeck was already drunk and violent when the bartender changed the music from Black Sabbath to Christmas music -- but what song? Discerning music critics must know!
  • Gamboeck let fly a stream of obscenities before letting his empty Budweiser bottle fly at the bartender -- come on, bro, at least recycle!
  • Bar patrons had to restrain Gamboeck from going behind the counter to fight the bartender and his uncle had to intervene to get him to the door -- always nice to celebrate with family!
  • Gamboeck did manage to destroy a small Christmas tree and ornaments on his way out the door -- that's not the Christmas spirit!
  • And, finally, Gamboeck charged police officers who tracked him down at his house before he was threatened with a Taser, arrested, and stood for this metal mug shot:

That's going in the Christmas card!

Have Holly Jolly Jail Time

After all that, Gamboeck was booked on only disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property charges, which in Wisconsin means he could be looking at 5 years in jail and $10,000 in fines. No word on whether officers serenaded Gamboeck with Christmas carols during his jail stay.

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