Black Friday Walmart Shooting Suspects Caught

By Andrew Lu on November 26, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Two people were shot apparently over a parking space during a Black Friday Walmart shooting in Florida.

The suspects were apprehended after police chased them into Georgia. The two victims are believed to have suffered non-life threatening injuries, reports the Tallahassee Democrat.

If you were out at a Walmart, Target, or other retail store this past weekend, you may have noticed huge crowds and short tempers as people vied for limited deals and even-more-limited parking spaces. However, if you survived the weekend unscathed, you should be aware that the holiday shopping season has only just begun.

Along with the Walmart shooting, some other incidents that occurred over the extended holiday weekend include shoppers getting run over by drunken drivers, guns pulled on fellow shoppers, armed robberies, and petty theft, ABC News reports.

Smart shopping nowadays include knowing much more than simply which shops offer the lowest prices. Instead, smart shoppers also have to be aware of potential crime and the dangers that come with shopping in a very large crowd.

Tempers can flare when many people are brought together and are essentially competing for parking spaces and limited quantity deals. Reasonable behavior is often cast aside when you're dealing with individuals who may have camped out overnight for a $200 television set.

Be careful this holiday season and be aware that in the heat of the moment, there may be no more important thing to some people than where you can park your car.

If you encounter someone potentially hostile, give up your parking spot and park somewhere else. You'll not only live to shop another day, but you might also gain a little exercise by the longer walk.

And if you're the one feeling the road/shopping rage welling up, take a deep breath and try to remember the spirit of the holiday season. Talking to a criminal defense attorney about possible defenses to aggravated assault, gun charges, or even attempted murder is probably the last thing you want to do over the holidays.

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