Black Friday 2013: A Coast-to-Coast Crime Roundup

By Betty Wang, JD on December 02, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Black Friday 2013 has come and gone -- but unfortunately, not without some reports of Black Friday (and pre-Black Friday) crime from coast to coast.

For the vast majority of shoppers, Thanksgiving night doorbusters and Black Friday bargains may have been a retail dream come true. Unfortunately for others, it ended up being more of a nightmare.

Here's hoping your holiday shopping experience didn't turn out as harrowing as it did for some of these people. Check out five types of Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day crime that made headlines on two of the busiest shopping days of the year:

  1. Child neglect. A Florida father was arrested on Thanksgiving after leaving his infant son in his car while he went into Best Buy. He's now facing felony neglect charges, Orlando's WESH-TV reports. Not only is leaving your child unattended in a car dangerous (and illegal), but in general this should never be done -- regardless of weather conditions outside.
  2. Assaults aplenty. Among the more notable brawls was a fight at a California Walmart that sent a police officer to the hospital, The San Bernardino County Sun reports. Another person involved in the fight was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Don't forget, while assault is no joke, assault on a police officer or with a deadly weapon can lead to even more severe charges.
  3. Shoplifting leads to attempted murder charge. Two Illinois men are not only being charged after a dangerous shoplifting incident at a Kohl's in Romeoville, but they also allegedly dragged a police officer by his arm after pinning the officer in a car door, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. One of the men is also being charged with attempted murder.
  4. Knife fights. A Thursday night fight in a Virginia Walmart parking lot (over a parking space, no less) involved not fisticuffs, but knives. In fact, one man knifed another in the arm so viciously that he hit bone, authorities claimed, according to the New York Post.
  5. Disorderly conduct. A New Jersey man was arrested and pepper-sprayed after cops claimed he was being "belligerent" while arguing with a Walmart shopper over a TV, The Associated Press reports. Good deal or not, low-priced electronics are never worth it if it means you'll end up behind bars.

If you're dealing with your own crime-related incident after Black Friday, be sure to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney soon.

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