Biting Monkey Escapes Again: 'Convict' Stages Daring Cage Break

By Jason Beahm on January 24, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A biting monkey known as an "escape artist" is on the loose again in Japan. While the case might be cause for chuckles, authorities say it is no laughing matter. The monkey, a macaque named Rakkii, or "Lucky," terrorized central Japan last year and bit 120 people, the Associated Press reports.

We recently covered the story of a person in Kansas City who stole a meerkat, but in that case, no one was injured and the meerkat was eventually returned. But when it comes to Rakkii, the government is treating this situation seriously and advising residents lock their doors to avoid any contact with the biting monkey turned repeated escape artist.

According to officials in Mishima City, the biting monkey escaped out of the government nature park called Rakujuen Municipal Park where it was being held at.

The crafty Rakkii slipped out while a keeper was cleaning its cage. The monkey had been kept there since it had been captured last October. The city warned residents with an emergency notice to lock their doors, as the monkey is capable of attempting to enter houses.

Macaques are one of the most common wild animals in Japan. They are known to wreck havoc by damaging crops, attacking people and stealing food. So far, no new attacks have been reported.

There have been reports of a monkey spotted outside of the park and officials are concerned that it may be Rakkii and that it is only a matter of time before it attacks again. The biting monkey has become a bit of a minor celebrity, even appearing in a TV commercial.

Rakkii has been a tough monkey to track down, previously managing to avoid a city-wide monkey hunt while biting 120 people.

Click through the links for photos of Lucky that will make you say "awwww." Nevertheless, Lucky sounds like a menace and should be arrested immediately and tried in Monkey Court.

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