Bikini Underwire Burns Breasts, NY Woman Sues

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on June 21, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

In a very bizarre lawsuit filed in Manhattan, 50-year-old Robin Corrente of Long Island is claiming that three years ago, she suffered from bikini burns.

The alleged culprit? The underwire of her black Coral Reef bikini, which she says heated up to dangerous temperatures, searing her flesh.

Who knew this was even possible?

According to Robin Corrente, she wore her bikini out in 90 degree heat during the summer of 2008, reports the New York Post. Within an hour, she was in pain.

She claims that she noticed blisters on the underside of her breasts, which resulted in a trip the hospital.

There, the paper reports that doctors confirmed that she had third-degree burns, which necessitated the removal of large pieces of skin.

She says that they're bikini burns, caused by the top's underwire.

No matter how outlandish this sounds, if true, Corrente's allegations could be the making of a successful products liability lawsuit, based on the premise of strict liability.

In order to win her case, she only needs to prove that the bikini's on fire underwire was the result of a design defect. This would require a showing that the top was unreasonably safe, and that there was a cost-effective alternative to the metal underwire, such as the ubiquitous plastic underwire.

No proof of negligence should be required.

Anyway, because this lawsuit was just filed, it remains to be seen whether Robin Corrente really did suffer from bikini burns. But just in case, be mindful out there this summer ladies, 'cause that has got to hurt.

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