Bezos Divorce Makes Divorce History

By George Khoury, Esq. on April 05, 2019 | Last updated on December 30, 2019

In the world of celebrity divorces, the Bezos divorce has set the new record as the most expensive divorce ever, by a lot. And so far, all we really know about is how the couple's Amazon stock will be split. But given how big Amazon has become since its humble origins, that's enough to set the record.

It is being reported that, not even including the couple's real estate holdings and other assets, the Bezos will split the $145 billion in Amazon stock 75/25, with the Amazon-founder getting the lion's share.

Record Breaking Divorces

Jeff Bezos will retain his richest man in the world title, at a net worth over $110 billion, and MacKenzie Bezos will be the world's third richest woman with over $35 billion. Notably, Jeff Bezos will retain voting control over MacKenzie's share of the Amazon stock. Also, the couple seems to have had an amicable split, though it may all just be a show to ensure investors are not scared off.

Prior to the Bezos divorce, which MacKenzie Bezos tweeted out has finally been completed, the most expensive divorce paled in comparison. The Wildenstein divorce in 1999 previously held the record with the socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein receiving a total of $3.8 billion. Even the divorce of Rupert and Anna Murdoch, which also happened in 1999, only hit $1.7 billion.

Record Breaking Couple

While many of people reading the news about the Bezos divorce might think that MacKenzie is getting lucky, those folks probably don't realize that she was there with Jeff at the very beginning. When, as Vox explains, Amazon was still being run out of a garage, she was there working.

The couple stayed together for over 25 years and saw Amazon climb to the giant company it is today, together, attaining celebrity status due to the company's wild success. In another article on the Bezos divorce, Vox further goes on to describe how the couple seemed to follow the recent celebrity trend of getting through the divorce process without attacking each other in the media, despite all the drama surrounding Jeff Bezos.

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