Because We (Still) Love Resume Humor...

By Neetal Parekh on November 18, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

So a few months ago we included a few resume gaffes that could have led to a smile, a chuckle, or a full on LOL.  Well, it's coming up on the end of the week, and we couldn't help but share another round.

All entries are from the witty team at  We especially appreciate their quippy one-liners.  Enjoy & happy job-hunting, job-searching, and job-hiring!

"THANK-YOU NOTE: Hi, Ray. If I don't get the job, that would be 'Hi Ray' robbery. OK, yes, this is a bad pun, but I couldn't help but think about someone stealing the above salutation. Hmm, I definitely took a risk there, as jokes that bad should probably be punishable by fines."
No argument here.

"EDUCATION: Attended collage courses."
A scrapbooking scholar.

"REASON FOR LEAVING LAST JOB: Too fab to drive."
Ever consider hiring a chauffeur?

"HOME ADDRESS: Phoenix, Arizoner."
Must be the 51st state.

"COVER LETTER: For more details, Google me."
Any more demands?

"INTERESTS: I enjoy new things and gadgets that have a connection with the future world."
We store the time machine in the supply closet.

"OBJECTIVE: I aim to work with your organization. You will provide me with challenging tasks to perform in an efficient way and then reach the top and achieve the maximum out of the given opportunities enriching my strengths and beating all my weaknesses."
That's quite a plan.

"OBJECTIVE: To secure a job or a career."
Why not go for both?

"JOB DUTIES: Plenty."
Care to share any with us?

"EDUCATION: Minor public relations."
A PR rep who will only work with kids.


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