Bear Steals Fisherman's iPad

By Deanne Katz, Esq. on September 27, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

It's not bad enough that you have to worry about other humans taking your tech gadgets. Now you also have to be wary of technophile bears that steal iPads.

Jesse Dinkel went out on what he thought would be a relaxing fishing trip in San Bernardino on Sunday. But while the party was hanging out and fishing, their picnic supplies were ransacked by a bear. On his first trip the bear took a backpack that contained an iPad.

Not satisfied with his prize, the bear came back for more picnic food. Dinkel caught the second heist on video, reports Los Angeles KTLA-TV.

In the footage you can clearly see a small bear running away with a container in his mouth:

The container was later recovered but the backpack wasn't. The iPad is still out there.

Park rangers were called to the scene but they didn't locate the bear, according to the Los Angeles Times. Dinkel was surprised by its boldness but rangers confirmed that bear sightings are common in the area. They want human food and know where to find it.

Apparently they also want music and internet access. Don't be surprised if next time you go camping there are more wild animals that want the latest Apple device.

No one's asking if the bear will be charged as a thief but Dinkel and his fishing buddies are lucky they won't be charged with feeding wildlife. California and many other states are strict about keeping food locked up in wild areas to keep it away from animals.

Most campsites are equipped with lockers to keep bears away from your food. Why Dinkel and his group didn't guard their food better after the first bear attack is a mystery.

It wouldn't bring back the iPad but at least they would have kept all their snacks.

If you need another reason to disconnect next time you go for a hike, remember that iPad-loving bears are now roaming the California forests. Your insurance is probably not going to cover theft by bear.

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