Bar Results Are In, And on YouTube

By Andrew Chow, Esq. on November 16, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Bar results are in -- for most states, anyway -- and some proud new attorneys who passed the exam are sharing their success on YouTube.

The experience, of course, is quite personal -- and insanely nerve-wracking. That's why some examinees surround themselves with a support group of relatives or friends when they get their results.

Others opt to face their fate in pro per. Or perhaps with a bottle of their favorite libation.

We found more than a dozen multistate YouTube clips of people's reactions to passing the bar. (Perhaps not surprisingly, we couldn't find any clips that show what it's like to fail.)

Three of the most recent "passing the bar" clips are embedded below, and we've linked to a few more as well.

For example, this 2011 examinee decided to go solo in getting her bar results. Her nail-biting ordeal ends with a squeal, and a huge sigh of relief:

This examinee allowed friends to witness one of the biggest moments of her life. It helps having a friend with fresh eyes to decipher the results:

And this examinee seems to play it cool -- while his worried wife is on the edge of her seat:

Other notable YouTube clips show a self-proclaimed "tortfeasor" getting a taste of success, a bromantic field goal in the "Super Bowl for nerds," and a woman who can't stop shaking even after she gets her bar results.

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