Banker Who Faked Own Death Busted by Window Tint

By Aditi Mukherji, JD on January 02, 2014 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A Georgia banker who allegedly faked his own death in 2012 to escape massive wire and security fraud charges was caught and arrested on New Year's Eve.

To clarify, 47-year-old Aubrey Lee Price was apprehended during a routine traffic stop, not an existential one.

Will Price face criminal repercussions (on Earth) for faking his death?

Window Tint Violation

Sheriff's deputies pulled over Aubrey Lee Price because his truck failed to comply with Georgia's window tint law, reports Atlanta's WXIA-TV.

Like Georgia, many states define pickup trucks, SUVs, and even minivans as multipurpose vehicles, as opposed to personal passenger cars. As a result, trucks are often subject to different window tint laws.

The minor traffic violation was the reason Price was stopped, but it wasn't the reason behind his eventual arrest.

Faux Death Fraud Alleged

In June 2012, Price disappeared after writing a letter to acquaintances and regulators that he had lost a large amount of money, and that he planned to take his own life, reports WXIA-TV.

Although faking your own death isn't by itself illegal, the consequences of pretending to join the afterlife can come back to haunt you. You see, when you're dead to everyone on Earth -- but you're actually still physically present -- it becomes exponentially difficult for you to avoid committing criminal acts of fraud.

For example, if you decide to return to the land of the living with a new identity, you will be defrauding every government agency that processes your new identity -- not to mention your old identity. And you're defrauding new lenders if you buy a house or car under your new identity.

That is exactly what happened to Aubrey Lee Price. He was arrested because he was a John Doe in possession of several identification cards with different photos.

The 'Price' for Alleged Fraud

After Price buckled under the pressure and fessed up to his true identity, officers realized he was wanted by the FBI.

As it turns out, Price was already drowning in fraud. He was a former Valdosta banker whom the FBI had sought on wire fraud and securities fraud charges after allegedly embezzling more than $21 million from his bank. He allegedly faked his death to evade the charges and disappeared via ferry to The Styx Fort Myers, Florida. But the window-tinting apparently did this zombie in.

Needless to say, his death stunt and fake identifications will only add to his felony fraud frenzy.

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