Bad, Bad Judge! Herman Thomas Disbarred over Spankings

By Tanya Roth, Esq. on February 25, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Note to former Alabama Judge Herman Thomas: We're not in the nineteenth century anymore. 

Thomas, a current candidate for Alabama State Senator, was disbarred on Monday, after a five member panel decided to revoke his license to practice law in a closed hearing in Mobile, Alabama.

But his attorney, Robert "Cowboy Bob" Clark, says that they will appeal the decision. Under the Alabama State Bar Association decision, Thomas will not be able to practice law in the State of Alabama for five years. 

In the closed hearing, Thomas admitted to paddling up to five young men who were not defendants in his courtroom. He stepped down as Judge in October 20097, after sexual abuse allegations as well as accusations that he paddled defendants in his courtroom.

Last month, Thomas announced his candidacy for Alabama State Senate District 33.  Interestingly, his opponent is the mother of one of the young men that Thomas is accused of spanking.   

Thomas was acquitted of sex crime charges by a jury but his acquittal did not have a persuasive effect in his disbarment proceedings. Although jurors in the criminal trial could not prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" that he was guilty, the burden of proof was a lot less for the disbarment proceedings, which only required "clear and convincing evidence."

Thomas chose not to waive the confidentiality of the hearing. Said Thomas' attorney, Cowboy Bob: "If you give us a flag we'll waive it. Other than that we aren't waiving nothing."

The Florida State Bar is awaiting the results from Alabama, in order to proceed in its disbarment case against Thomas.

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