Avoid Drunk Driving with DUI Apps this Holiday Season

By Gabriella Khorasanee, JD on December 12, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A good rule of thumb when it comes to drunk driving is: Don't. Do. It.

If you, like many others, think you can have a drink or two at the holiday office party before hopping into your car, you may want to invest in a DUI app. These are not guaranteed tests, but they may illuminate how drunk you actually are, and keep you off the road.

State Drive Sober Apps

Some states have created free apps to estimate your blood alcohol level and give you a determination of whether it's ok to drive. States like Kentucky, Georgia and Wisconsin have an app -- just search under "Drive Sober." Since the states have a huge interest in keeping drunk drivers off the road, these apps are all free.


This app doesn't try to measure your BAC, instead, intoxicheck gives you a series of challenges, and compares your results from when you were sober, to after you've had a few drinks. This app won't give you a green light to drive, it will just make you realize how drunk you really are.


By analyzing your Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, Breathaleyes will approximate your blood alcohol level. Once downloaded on to your phone, anyone can take the test.


Simulating a breathalyzer and BAC calculator, the DrinkTracker app will use your personal info and compare it to the list of drinks you've had. You can set up a countdown timer to show you when you reach your target BAC level.

BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyzer & App

BACtrack has been called the "Cadillac of smartphone breathalyzers" by the Las Vegas Weekly, and uses the same technology used by professionals. You can get a variety of BACtrack breathalyzers from mobile versions, to mini keychain versions. For added benefits, download the app and graph your drinking habits.

These apps are by no means a guaranteed "get out of jail free card." Nothing beats the best safety measure -- a designated driver. If you do want to check out a DUI app for entertainment purposes, go for it. And while you're downloading apps, you may want to check out some of these drunk dialing apps too.

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