Arizona 'Vampire' Stabs Roommate for Not Letting Him Suck Blood

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on March 16, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

An Arizona vampire, er, bloodsucker, named Aaron Homer was sentenced to three years of probation for stabbing his roommate after he refused him his blood.

Yeah, you can't blame this one on Edward Cullen and crew. They're vegetarians.

And the only girl involved was 21--not 15.

Aaron Homer and his girlfriend are so into "vampire stuff" that they often see fit to act out the more gruesome scenes from True Blood. The Arizona vampire aficionados apparently once convinced Homer's roommate to offer up his blood for their slurping pleasure.

They were furious when he denied them life's elixir at second request. He just wasn't interested.

A bloodsucker that would not be denied, Aaron Homer stabbed his roommate in the arm. The roommate then went running down the block, reports the Phoenix New Times. He left a delicious trail of blood in his wake.

Nearby firefighters followed the trail of blood (and the roommate) back to Aaron Homer and his bloodsucker lover, notes the paper. The Arizona vampire couple, covered in wasted blood, couldn't get its story straight. There were tales of self-defense, but according to KPHO, police were skeptical.

The two finally decided that they were defending their religion.

That's right. They stabbed the roommate because he was making fun of their religion.

Unfortunately for Aaron Homer (and millions of scary little girls), bloodsucker isn't a religion. And even if were, religion and defense thereof are not legal excuses to violent crime. Even if you really, really want to suck someone's blood.

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