Are Law School Holiday Parties Good Exam Study Breaks?

By George Khoury, Esq. on November 24, 2017 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

While it sure 'tis the season, for law students, 'tcan feel like 'tis torture! Why, oh just why, must holiday parties and final exams be in such close proximity? 'Tis like some sort of reasonably prudent person hell: The choice between a fun night out with your peers and studying for your contracts final two weeks away is as sketchy a decision as that darned Carbolic Smoke Ball case.

If you're as confused as the UCC, you might benefit from a break, but is a holiday party what you need? After all, a spa day, a day of video gaming, hitting the gym and having a fruit cup, or just binge watching a show or two, could be a more beneficial use of your limited time, depending on your personality and needs.

Below, you'll find some thoughts on whether 'tis worth it to take that study break to attend a law school holiday party.

Can You Exercise Moderation and Self Control?

After the long semester and being buried in your notes, outlines, and those archaic heavy tomes, the need to cut loose may be more than some folks can handle. If you know that you have trouble exercising moderation and self control (a la Bender Bending Rodriguez), it may be wise to just steer clear of the holiday party.

However, if you can stick to a schedule, it can certainly be refreshing and downright energizing to socialize (commiserate) with your peers who are experiencing the exact same stresses as you for an hour or two.

Are You Overly Competitive?

If you are one of those really competitive people, showing up to the party could be unnerving. People will definitely be talking about their exam prep. If you find out that others are studying at a more accelerated pace, or in a way that seems better than what you're doing, it could cause you to lose focus and deviate from your plan. On the other hand, some competitive folks could just get even more motivated to study harder.

Know How You're Feeling

Law school holiday parties can be great release valves, but it truly depends on who you are, and how you're feeling. To that end, one of the most important considerations is how much studying you have left to do and the amount of time you have left to do it in. If going is likely to exacerbate your test stress, then don't go. But if you know it'll help you unwind and motivate you to study even harder, then it would be un-jolly folly to stay home.

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