Are Facebook Associate Ads the Next Big Thing?

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on March 05, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

We're in a recession. Legal hiring is stagnant, and the traditional methods of finding a job are hardly worth the work. Unsolicited -- and solicited -- resumes get lost in a pile of hundreds, and partners are probably about ready to strangle the next young lawyer who drops a "hire me" hint.

So, what's a new grad or unemployed lawyer to do? Turn to Facebook, of course. And no, not to wallow or jealously stalk former classmates. Facebook sells advertisements, and if attorney Avital Gertner-Samet is on the right track, Facebook associate ads may be the next big thing.

Gertner-Samet is not Facebook friends with this blogger's colleague. Yet, her face has repeatedly shown up in his feed. Upon closer inspection, it appears the Israeli-turned-California attorney has taken out a local Facebook ad, targeting legal professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Once clicked, the ad directs users to a simple website containing Gertner-Samet's resume. She's also posted a cover letter to the masses, extolling her virtues as a "good luck charm." An even closer look reveals that she currently curates a crafty blog.

Facebook associate ads are an intriguing idea. But are they a good one?

No one knows. Social media ads can do wonders for a small business, but they may not be as successful for an unemployed attorney. Some employers will see the ads as desperate, while others will consider them creative. And if recent data is correct, hiring partners and general counsel are on LinkedIn, not Facebook.

If you're willing to put aside the unknown and take a chance, Facebook ads can actually be quite affordable. Once you define your targeted customers, you set a budget. Facebook stops running your ad when the cost exceeds your daily or lifetime limit.

So, will you take out a Facebook associate ad, or are going to you leave the advertisements to Avital Gertner-Samet? Let us know over at our very own FindLaw for Legal Professionals Facebook page.

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