Apple and Kendall Jenner Settle 'Pizza Boys' Radio Suit

By Lisa M. Schaffer, Esq. on July 24, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

I'm sorry ... was that Pizza Boys or Pizzaboyzzz with five "z's"? Evidently that is important, according to Robert Karageuzian (with one "z"), an online merchant of art collective merchandise, many of which have pizza as the art's subject matter. He sued Kendall Jenner, Apple Inc., and Daniel Chetri over trademark infringement for their Pizza Boys talkshow that aired on Apple's Beats 1 in April 2018.

Customer Confusion Over ... What Exactly?

The plaintiff in this case is claiming that the defendants' talk show is confusing his clients and harming his business. Trademark infringement requires the Karageuzian to prove Jenner and friends used Pizza Boys in a way that would likely confuse or deceive the public about the source of his goods. What might be most confusing is that neither of these parties actually sell pizza. But that's clearly not at issue here. Karageuzian sent a cease and desist letter to stop any sale of show's merchandise or advertising of the radio show itself. Subsequently, the lawsuit sought an injunction from using the Pizza Boy name and for any revenue earned from using the "Pizza Boy" name. The suit was quickly settled by all parties involved, though agreement terms weren't published.

Note that this isn't Kendall Jenner's first cease and desist order over trademark infringement. Just last year, Kendall, and her sister Kylie, were found to be infringing on the trademark of dead musicians Jim Morrison, Biggie Smalls, and Tupac Shakur. When it comes to the Jennet clan, nothing is sacred, not even death.

Confused? ... There's More to the Story

This isn't the first disagreement between Pizza Boys and Pizzaboyzzz. Pizza Boys is a collective of DJ artists, while Pizzaboyzzz is a collective or merchandise artists. Both apparently are quite popular: on Instagram, Pizza Boys has 102,000 followers, compared to Pizzaboyzzz 48,500 followers. There have been numerous social media blasts between the two groups, blaming Kendall and her gang for copying. (Not an original claim, ironically!) But Kendall has proven a love for pizza, posting pictures of herself eating pizza with various famous friends, and, of course, that iconic photo of Jenner in a very sheer top with pizza slices covering her nipples.

Unfortunately followers of this case may never know the merits of this trademark infringement case, nor the settlement amount. Fans no doubt mourned that Kendall's Pizza Boys show only aired one episode. Sometimes fans are the ones that ultimately pay the price.

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