Another Law School Ranks Students by Looks

By George Khoury, Esq. on October 08, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

It's always really disappointing to hear about law students acting unprofessionally in a way that we can't laugh at.

Law students are bound to make spectacular mistakes, or say the darndest things, but when you hear about law students, even 1Ls, making a list of the most attractive women law students in their class, it's just flabbergasting. But then, what's worse, is the responses one Above the Law writer received when reporting on it.

Sexual Misconduct and Moral Turpitude

The whole "boys will be boys" line should really only ever apply to a spat over Legos in the two to six-year-old category, or some sort of sports-related bumps and bruises from ages six to 17. Okay, maybe there's a lot more stupid conduct, like peeing on the toilet seat, or playing innocent pranks on friends and family, that can be excused with that line, but sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and sexual assault, certainly do not fall under the same roof, ballpark, league, or even sport. When people say "boys will be boys," they're saying "kids will be kids" and lawyers/law students shouldn't be "kids."

Law students, and college students generally, are no longer boys or girls. They're men and women. And some just aren't good at it, nor are they there yet. When it comes to being admitted to the practice of law, the excuse of being a child just doesn't cut it. When it comes down to it, sexual harassment shows a lack of moral character. Despite the pervasiveness of sexual harassment in law offices around the country for generations, times have changed.

Furthermore, if you plan on getting licensed, you need to stay out of trouble academically, and stupid "boys will be boys" sort conduct can get you in the sort of trouble that makes your moral character and fitness investigation take longer, or get completely hung-up.

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