Android User Beware of Malware Apps Scam

By Admin on January 14, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The Google Android user has something else to worry about besides IPhone envy. It turns out the Android user must also worry about malware apps that could scam them out of money from their bank accounts. USA Today reports that apps from the developer "09Droid" were pulled from Google's Android Marketplace because of concerns that the apps could possibly be programmed to steal account login information of Android users.

ComputerWorld reports that some banking institutions warned customers not to use the Android apps. BayPort Credit Union of VA issued this warning "It is believed that fraudsters deployed fraudulent mobile banking applications to the Android Marketplace, using a phishing technique to attempt to gain access to mobile banking users financial information." First Tech Credit Union of Oregon also warned its customers of suspicious apps for Android. First Tech Credit Union's warning said: "We recently learned that a fraudster developed a rogue Android Smartphone app. It creates a shell of mobile banking apps that tries to gain access to a consumer’s financial information."

Google goes through a process that is vastly different from Apple's when it comes to placing apps for smartphones in the marketplace. According to PCWorld, Google depends on users to let them know when an app is phishy so to speak. This means a greater vulnerability for Android users and the businesses that work with smartphones like the Android. Apple heavily polices all of the apps that it places in their marketplace. As a result, there have been no reports of malware apps (except on IPhones that have been jailbroken).

As a result of this process, Google may need to reconsider its self-policing policies because it could mean that new smartphone users will walk away from using the Android. While it has pulled the suspicious apps, Google will have to ramp up security and customer support in order to keep customers happy and safe.

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